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Stiff Nights Male Sexual Enhancement Fast Hard Erections 6 Pills
Stiff Nights

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After learning the FDA has completely banned Stiff Nights sales for containing an undeclared drug ingredient, we pulled the product from our shelves. But as your trusted Stiff Nights retailer, we have you covered with many equally powerful yet safe alternatives guaranteed to give you a stiff night.


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Stiff Nights

Stiff Nights is an instant male enhancement supplement pill that offers 48 hours of sexual satisfaction. It can increase male stamina and help prevent male dysfunction. Stiff Nights helps you answer the challenge of how to last longer in bed and provide her more. Enjoy harder erections for better sexual performance and satisfaction. Stiff Nights brings back the erections you felt in youth, regain the excitement, the pleasure and quick recovery time.

Using Stiff Nights is your answer to last longer in bed and provide more satisfaction.  As a natural enhancement product, Stiff Nights helps the penis stay hard, increase the girth and duration of sexual activity. Taking Stiff Nights prior to sexual activity means instant satisfaction for both you and your partner.  One Stiff Nights pill can last up to 48 hours and have you ready for a long night within 30 minutes of use.

Stiff Nights contains natural ingredients that gives you an instant erection and can last through two days and two nights. Some of the active ingredients in Stiff Nights include:

Erection Booster Blend 500mg

Polygonati Rhizome Extract, Cinnamommum Cassia Extract, Eurycoma Longfolia Extract, Tunera Aphrodisiaca, Cayenne 40m H.u., Ginger Root, Peppermint Leaf, White Willow Bark Extract, Golden Spear Grass Extract, Astragalus Root, Chamomile Leaf, Schisandra Berry, Pagoda Tree Fruit, L-Arginine Monohydrate, Arginine Alphaleroglutarate, Arginine Ketoisocaproate, Cordyceps Sinensis, Ganoderma Lucidium, Lentiunula Edodes, Auricularia Auricular.

The ingredients found in Stiff Nights increase blood flow and help to relax the smooth muscles making it possible for you experience an erection quickly and with enough power to get you through a long weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Stiff Nights:

Q. What types of results should I expect from using Stiff Nights?
A. Using Stiff Nights increases sexual potency and makes the penis fuller and harder for a more satisfying sexual experience.

Q. How much Stiff Nights should I take?
A. It's recommended take Stiff Nights at least 30 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity. Stiff nights can be taken as a daily supplement to help ensure that results are consistent and you are always ready for any sexual urge. One pill daily should provide you with the pleasure you desire in order to engage in satisfying sexual encounters. One pill can last up to 48 hours. Do not take more than one pill in a 24 hour period.  Works best when taken on an empty stomach.

Q. Will I still need stimulation do gain an erection?
A. Yes, Stiff Nights provides you with potent aphrodisiacs and stimulants to help encourage and maintain an erection, but you will need physical stimulation in order for the ingredients to take effect.

Product Reviews

by Tester 01

"I have not found anything that works as well as this stuff. But it has gave me a headache. I got a hard on just peeing. LOL!"

by Big Daddy

"Saw this at a store once and decided to give a try... I was BLOWN away by the results. I was ready to go within half a hour and lasted for 3 days. Ive never used any other products, but after using this one.. why would i. 5 stars!!"

by Sexyblack

"This is off the hook.... My cock already gets superhard, but this was on another level..... Big ups to stiff nights, these chicks can't get enough!!!!!!!!!"

by doug12

"I found this at an adult store and it was recommended by the clerk..I tried it. It was GREAT. I keep my erection without having to use a cockring or anything. I have used it several times since. One pill lasts me 2 days. I even wake up with a hard on in the morning!!lolol..."

by Mazze

"Stiff Nights last for 3 days... I'm 48 and my friend said i put younger men to shame... LOL"

by brrr

"twenty something this shouldn't be an issue.. I wasn't very hard when I tried read entry with her.. but later with porn it was on.. I can't tell if it was the pills or the porn"

by tester 02

"it is the best thing out there. i'm happy"

by bama

"The best thing out"

by the stiff one!

"this stuff is the best! i was hard for 2 days! what is this stuff?"

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